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About Us

Burak Eyilik is a mortgage broker operating out of Miami who serves all of Florida. I believe that mortgages don’t need to be complicated and help clients find their dream homes without all the fluff. No matter your situation, my goal is to connect you to a quality home that you’ll be happy with for decades to come.

As a mortgage broker at one of the best mortgage companies in Florida, I can help you receive a variety of lending and mortgage options. Whether you’re looking for a residential loan, FHA deals, straightforward money lending or other lending options, you’ll get everything you need to help you get your dream home. I’ll take the time to work with you through every part of the mortgage and financing process, giving you the confidence you need to purchase the home you deserve.

Once you’ve decided to work with me, you’re part of the family, and I’m committed to helping you long-term with your mortgage needs. You can feel right at home and ask any questions about your refinancing rate, loan options, and more at any time.

Additionally, if you feel like you could be getting a better mortgage rate or aren’t happy with your current mortgage company in Florida, I’m more than happy to help you easily switch over.

I come with years of experience in the mortgage and financing sector, enabling me to have valuable contacts in the industry. So, if you’re moving to another state or need connections to realtors or other industry experts, I’ll know someone reputable to refer you to.

My experience has helped me grow the mortgage company’s standards, and there are extremely high standards for every person added to the team. From customer service members to expert loan specialists, I always ensure that all our team members are highly knowledgeable and experienced within their field. No matter who you work with at the company, you’ll be greeted with respect and work with only the best.

My goal is to give my clients the highest quality work, so they are always satisfied and find the home they’re looking for. I’m not here to show clients all the bells and whistles they can add on. Rather, my goal is to help my clients connect with quality homes through an easy, stress-free process. Reach out today, and let’s work together to find you your dream home.

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