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Basic Documents You Will Need

Missing, incorrect and / or incomplete documents will cause unnecessary delays to your loan request. Please pay very close attention to the details. These basic documents will help the under writer to get faster decisions on your residential mortgage. I. Income Documents: 1. Last 2 years W2's forms. 2. Last 2 years Federal Income Tax Returns. (include ALL schedules) 3. Last 2 to 4 most recent paycheck stubs. (must cover the most recent 30 day period ) 4. Current and most recent Benefit or Retirement Income Statements. (SSI, Pension,etc.) 5. Last 2 months bank statements. ►* ALL pages including blank pages* ! 6. Last 2 401k or Retirement account statements. *ALL pages including blank pages* 7. COMPLETE COPY of your divorce decree, including Child Support Order. (If Applicable) 8. COMPLETE COPY of your Bankruptcy Papers, including the discharge. (If Applicable) 9. Copy of any & all leases for all Investment Properties that are owned by you. 10. A direct contact person's name & phone# at your employer that both the broker and lender can utilize to verify your employment. 11. If SELF EMPLOYED or are an owner of a company, we will need a copy of your business license, tax payer id certificate, and/or a copy of either your Articles of Incorporation, or other company LEGAL documents and year to date financial statements. Documents that are required for loan underwriting review

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